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Journal of Current Science and Technology

Journal of Current Science and Technology. Vol.8 No.2 , July - December 2018.

The effectiveness of video and handbook learning media on acquisition of knowledge on healthcare process in liver cancer patients received first trans-arterial chemoembolization: A randomized control-trial

Ruechuta Molek, Kamolchanok Boonprachack, Dararat Chuwongin, Sunisa Yungyuen, Benjamas Preechakoon, and Marisa Sombutboon


           Background and significance: Trans-arterial chemoembolization becomes a treatment of choice among liver cancer patients.  Normally, patients are anxious and terrified to the procedure.  This is due to the incomprehension and lack of knowledge.  Aim of the study: Investigators would like to compare the effectiveness of video and handbook learning media.  Method: A purposive sampling of 80 volunteered, literate, liver cancer patients, aged >18, was enrolled in the study.  After 40-item pretest, participants were randomized equally into two groups.  The experimental group watched the video, while the control group studied the handbook.  Both materials contained the same didactic information.  Consequently, the post-test was performed immediately.  Moreover, the final test was implemented within 45-60 days. Pre and post-test scores as well as pre and final test scores were calculated for the relative growth scores and the knowledge retention scores respectively.  Data were expressed as mean ± standard deviation, and analyzed by Independent t-test, Exact probability and Mann-Whitney U test.  Findings: The demographic characteristics were insignificant differences between the two groups.  However, the study illustrated that the video had higher relative growth and retention of knowledge scores than that of the handbook significantly.  Conclusion: The video was more effective than the handbook in promoting health education on Trans-arterial chemoembolization.  Implications for nursing practice: video learning media was an effective educational tool to improve memorization.  In addition, the knowledge retention score yielded the best prediction on academic gains.

Keywords: handbook learning media, health education, knowledge retention, video learning media

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DOI: 10.14456/jcst.2018.12