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Journal of Current Science and Technology

Journal of Current Science and Technology. Vol.8 No.2 , July - December 2018.

Designing an examinee personal verification system using biometric technology

Sethapong Wong-In and Paniti Netinant


          The examinee personal verification is very important task in every examination.  Although many education institutes have information system to support their task, there is no information system to support the examinee personal verification methodology.  The main problem of examinee personal verification is how to ensure that the examinee is the right person.  This paper presents how to use biometric technology in examinee personal verification by developing the software design model based on IEEE Software Design Descriptions.  The main purpose of this paper is to create the software design model for software developers to use as framework to develop the biometric examinee personal verification system for any education institute.  Our software design model is based on IEEE Standard for Information Technology—Systems Design— Software Design Descriptions (IEEE-SDD) by presenting twelve different viewpoints

Keywords: biometric technology, examinee personal verification system, IEEE Systems Design--Software Design Descriptions, water scrubber

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DOI: 10.14456/jcst.2018.9