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Journal of Current Science and Technology

Journal of Current Science and Technology. Vol.8 No.1 , January - June 2018.

Design of house bookkeeping software components based on separation of concerns

Meennapa Rukhiran and Paniti Netinant


Separation of concerns is one of the main design principles in software development. Each section in the design addresses a concern of the system within it. Aspect-Oriented Approach (AOA) is mainly applied for supporting software design in many software applications. The most significant purpose of the separation of concerns is to handle adaptability and flexibility of the system. In this paper, we have designed a fine granularity of a House Bookkeeping Conceptual Framework based on sets of data, functional data, and aspect elements of layers. Composition of concerns in the system can achieve a better modularity of the system. A weaver model is an execution of integrating three concerns that they are relatively separated. A dynamic weaving is provided supporting adaptive and extensive changes in concerns during a run-time. The logical quantifiers of personal finance software development are introduced to express an infinite series of three-dimensional data sets. An Aspect Oriented Approach for supporting house bookkeeping software design based on a prototyping model is proposed to describe a process for analyzing, designing, implementing, and reviewing through a unique division of the fine granularity as well.

Keywords: aspect elements, house bookkeeping, personal finance, separation of concerns, software development

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DOI: 10.14456/jcst.2018.3