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Journal of Current Science and Technology

Rangsit Journal of Arts and Sciences. Vol.7 No.2 , July - December 2017.

Identifying efficient determinant factors affecting students’ achievement in learning computer programming

Rong Phoophuangpairoj


          This research investigates factors affecting perceived satisfaction, usefulness, self-regulation, and achievement in a computer-programming learning environment.  The findings will be useful to educators and administrators to create learning environments, which positively affect learners’ attitudes and behaviors.  One hundred university engineering students were asked to answer a questionnaire after three months of studying a computer programming course.  Pearson bivariate correlations and multiple linear regression analysis were applied to analyze the data.  The results show that perceived satisfaction can be determined by the interactive learning environment and perceived usefulness.  Perceived usefulness is a determinant factor of perceived satisfaction.  Learners’ perceived satisfaction, perceived usefulness and an interactive learning environment are determinant factors of perceived self-regulation.  Memory strategy, which can be predicted using perceived efficacy, perceived anxiety and usefulness, is shown to affect computer-programming achievement.  Perceived self-regulation and the use of memory strategies can be improved through students’ realization of perceived usefulness.  However, the data do not show that the improper use of mobile applications such as Facebook, Line, and YouTube affect computer-programming achievement.

Keywords: self-regulation, satisfaction, usefulness, memory strategy, mobile phone and tablet use, computer programming, achievement

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