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Editor's Note

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Many people world-wide are wondering how serious is ‘the environmental situation and climate change’.  It is now 25 years since a group of scientists, 1500 in number, issued a global warning: “there needs to be a change in order to save Earth”.

Now, twenty-five years later, in mid-November, 2017, a very much expanded group of scientists, 15,000 in number, from 184 countries, signed a second warning. (Ripple, W. & Crist, E., 2017).  The key line in the newest warning is ‘There is rising evidence that Earth has entered the sixth mass extinction event brought on by humans’.  Independently, the British theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, recently warned that humans “must evacuate Earth in 600 years before soaring energy consumption turns the planet into a ball of fire” (Hawking, 2017).

This present Guest Editor’s Note is intended to alert RJAS readers to this recent news item, in case they missed these recent reports. Download

Rangsit Journal of Arts and Sciences. Vol.7 No.2 , July - December 2017.
Table of Contents
Editor's Note
15,000 Scientists from 184 Countries Issue a ‘Warning to Humanity’
Jamie Wallin
Research Articles
Effect of mashing process conditions on chemical properties of Kam Luem Pua rice malt
Pawena Nalad and Yupakanit Puangwerakul
Evaluation of pretreatment with curcumin, vitamin C, or their combination on cadmium-induced toxicity on rat kidney, stomach and small intestine.
Naovarat Tarasub and Watcharaporn Devakul Na Ayutthaya
Forecasting the number of deaths from cerebrovascular diseases in Thailand using grey systems theory.
Vadhana Jayathavaj and Adisak Pongpullponsak
Improving the English-speaking skills of Chinese primary EFL learners with a verbotonal approach.
Yan Yang, Anchalee Wannaruk, and Andrew-Peter Lian
Identifying efficient determinant factors affecting students’ achievement in learning computer programming
Rong Phoophuangpairoj
Integrated municipal solid waste management for the highland rural area: case study Patueng sub-district in Chang Rai, Thailand
Pannipha Dokmaingam and Panate Manomaivibool
Listening comprehension and anxiety in Chinese university EFL students.
Shasha Bao, Anchalee Wannaruk, and Andrew-Peter Lian