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Journal of Current Science and Technology

Rangsit Journal of Arts and Sciences. Vol.7 No.1 , January - June 2017.

The current and desirable states in research unit management models to enhance the research capacity of private universities

Meanmas Pranpa, Pongsin Viseshsiri, and Pruet Siribanpitak


          The objective of this research was to study the current and desirable states in the research unit management models to enhance the research capacity of private universities. Six management models, namely; Formal, Collegial, Political, Subjective, Ambiguity, and Cultural, modified from Bushs Theory of management, were chosen for the conceptual framework of this research. Questionnaires with structured questions were utilized to collect data from the Vice President of the department of Research Affairs, Directors or Heads of the Research Unit, the Faculty Deans and the Lecturers in forty-two private universities under the Office of the Higher Education Commission. Data analysis was administered in the forms of frequency, mean, standard deviation and Modified Priority Need Index (PNImodified). The findings are as follows: 1) The current states of Formal Management Model (x =3.57, S.D.=0.95) was found to have the highest mean scores, followed by the Collegial, Cultural, Political, Subjective and Ambiguity, respectively, 2) The desirable states of Collegial management model was shown to have the highest mean scores (x =3.98, S.D.=0.92), followed by the corresponding 5 management models as mentioned in the current states respectively, 3) According to the PNI, research unit management should prioritize the Collegial Management Model (PNI=0.228) followed by Political, Cultural, Subjective, Formal, and Ambiguity, respectively and 4) Key informants suggested that (1) a high amount of obligated teaching duties have hindered the task of conducting new research, (2) grants given to researchers at private universities should be partially supported by government, (3) research unit heads should be proactive and openly service-minded with their staff and (4) motivational incentives from private universities themselves such as an environment of professional academic facilities or awards can assist in conducting and creating a higher capacity of quality and quantity in research studies.

Keywords: current and desirable states, research unit management models, research capacity, private universities

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