ISSN 2630-0583 (Print)

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Journal of Current Science and Technology

Rangsit Journal of Arts and Sciences. Vol.6 No.2 , July - December 2016.

A rough set control token leaky bucket in policing mechanism schemes over high speed network

Somchai Lekcharoen and Sumaman Pankham


          The research objective is to evaluate and compare the differences between the rough set token leaky bucket (RST) and the leaky bucket (LB) as a policing mechanism in reference to traffic fluctuations on data networks.  The original policing mechanism scheme has LB for traffic with a nearly constant burst and silence, however, when overflow occurs in the buffer router, incoming frames are dropped.  We propose an RST in policing mechanism to help prevent the drop of incoming frames and to aid in the detection of violations in parameter negotiation.  A rough set converts knowledge, which is expressed in an uncertain form to a certain form.  The simulation results show that in very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line (VDSL) frames, the rough set control system helps improve the performance of our RST as a policing mechanism better than traditional policing mechanisms by about 12% in terms of conforming and non-conforming frames on various types of the burst/silence traffic generated.

Keywords: policing mechanism, rough set, rough set token leaky bucket, token, token LB, LB, RST, TLB, VDSL

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