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Journal of Current Science and Technology

Rangsit Journal of Arts and Sciences. Vol.5 No.1 , January - June 2015.

Kinetics of nitrogen removal in anoxic-anaerobic-aerobic process

Kriengsak Udomsinrot


           Nitrogen removal from wastewater is important to protect the receiving waters from the objectionable aquatic plant growth.  Biological nitrogen removal has received considerable interest in recent years.  Anoxic-anaerobic-aerobic process was designed and operated to achieve high removals of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus from municipal and industrial wastewaters without the addition of chemicals.  The research project was to develop the biological kinetic coefficients of nitrogen removal.  To determine the coefficients, the mean cell residence time was varied and were operated  at five different MLVSS concentrations: 3652, 3315, 2657, 2064, and 1490 mg/L.  The theoretical model used in this paper is a Monod-type expression.  Nitrification and denitrification kinetic coefficients (YN, kd,N, KN, kN, YDN, kd,DN) were analyzed.  Nitrification kinetic coefficients (YN, kd,N, KN, and kN) were 2.28, 0.02, 0.19, and 0.11 respectively. Denitrification kinetic coefficients (YDN and kd,DN) were 1.70 and 0.03 respectively.  The relationship between specific denitrification rate and substrate utilization rate for the anoxic stage were also studied.

Keywords: kinetics, anoxic, nitrogen, nitrification, denitrification, kinetic coefficients

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DOI: 10.14456/rjas.2015.4