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Journal of Current Science and Technology

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Welcome to Rangsit Journal of Arts and Scieces

Knowledge is meant to be shared.  To advance science and improve human health and wellbeing, when new information is uncovered by scientists (here used in the broadest sense), it is their obligation to make it available to anyone who is interested.  Knowledge that is not disseminated is knowledge wasted on but a few individuals.  The dispersal of newly discovered data is both an obligation and a goal of a scientist/educator.  This is most frequently done by publishing previously unknown information in refereed biomedical journals.  The cloistering of data in the minds of only the discoverers of the information defeats the purpose of scientific inquiry. 

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Rangsit Journal of Arts and Sciences. Vol.3 No.2 , July - December 2013.
Table of Contents
Editor's Note
Editor’s Note*
Research Articles
Open teaching and personal learning networks (PLNs) as avenues of enhanced participation and reflection
Maria Victoria Pineda
The effect of filler size on the cure characteristics, processability, mechanical properties, and morphology of stearic acid-coated CaCO3 filled natural rubber compounds
Wanvimon Arayapranee and Garry L. Rempel
Detection of infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHHNV) in Penaeus monodon by in-situ hybridization at transmission electron microscopic level
Kanokporn Chayaburakul, Gun Anantasomboon, Benjamart Pratoomthai, and Boonsirm Withyachumnarnkul
Development of Loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) of SRY gene in human blood samples for sex determination
Panan Kanchanaphum, Titinan Sarataphan, Wirat Thirasan, and Gun Anatasomboon
Pharmacognostic specification of Moringa oleifera Lam. leaves cultivated in Thailand
Supawan Bunrathep, Suchada Jongrungruengchok, Nirun Vipunngeun, Piyanuch Thongphasuk, and Thanapat Songsak
A variable selection method in multiple linear regression models based on Tabu Search
Kannat Na Bangchang
Nonlinear dual-excited and steam-valving control of synchronous generators via immersion and invariance
Adirak Kanchanaharuthai and Arsit Boonyaprapasorn
Review Articles
Effects of y-irradiation on free radicals, active components and toxicity of Turmeric rhizomes
Piyanuch Thongphasuk and Jarunee Thongphasuk
Case Report
Sickle-cell disease: a review of oral manifestation and presentation of a case with an uncommon complication of the disease
Ozgur Erdogan, Halil Ibrahim Kisa, and Sureeporn Charudilaka