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Journal of Current Science and Technology

Rangsit Journal of Arts and Sciences. Vol.2 No.1 , January - June 2012.

Effects of irradiation on active components of medicinal plants: A review

Piyanuch Thongphasuk and Jarunee Thongphasuk


          Contamination with microorganisms is one of the most serious problems of medicinal plants.  The methods utilized to solve this problem are irradiation, heat and fumigation (ethylene oxide).  Irradiation is an effective method to decontaminate medicinal plants, however, it may affect active components of the plants.  Additionally, the heat generated during steam sterilization may also have affects on the active compounds in plants.  This article reviews the effects of irradiation on active components and biological activities of medicinal plants.  The information will be useful for future studies in decontamination protocols where biological activity must be preserved.

Keywords: irradiation, antioxidants, active components, medicinal plants, herbs, volatile compounds

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DOI: 10.14456/rjas.2012.7