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Journal of Current Science and Technology

ISSN 2630-0656 (Online)

Brillouin amplification in compound (AIIIBV and AIIBVI) semiconductors: effects of piezoelectricity, doping and external magnetostatic field

  • Arun Kumar, Department of Physics, Baba Mastnath University, AsthalBohar – 124021 (Rohtak) India
  • Sunita Dahiya, Department of Physics, Baba Mastnath University, AsthalBohar – 124021 (Rohtak) India
  • Navneet Singh, Department of Physics, Rajiv Gandhi Government College for Women, Bhiwani-127021, India
  • Manjeet Singh, Department of Physics, Government College, Matanhail – 124106 (Jhajjar) India, Corresponding author; E-mail:


In this paper, a theoretical study describing stimulated Brillouin amplification in compound (AIIIBV and AIIBVI) semiconductors is explored.  The effects of piezoelectric coefficient, free carrier concentration, and applied magnetic field on the threshold intensity for exciting the stimulated Brillouin amplification and the parameters characterizing stimulated Brillouin amplification, viz. stimulated Brillouin amplification coefficient, transmitted intensity of first-order Brillouin scattered Stokes mode, and Brillouin cell efficiency of the Brillouin cell are estimated.  Numerical analysis is made for three different Brillouin cells consisting of n-InSb, n-GaAs and n-CdS at 77K illuminated by a nanosecond pulsed CO2 laser.  Endeavors are coordinated towards determining the appropriate values of free carrier (doping) concentration and magnetostatic field to improve the parameters characterizing stimulated Brillouin amplification, at smaller excitation intensity, and to establish the suitability of Brillouin cells consisting of compound (AIIIBV and AIIBVI) semiconductors as hosts for manufacture of Brillouin amplifiers and Brillouin oscillators.

Keywords: AIIIBV and AIIBVI semiconductors; Brillouin cell efficiency; Laser-semiconductor interactions; stimulated Brillouin amplification

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DOI: 10.14456/jcst.2022.7


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