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Journal of Current Science and Technology

ISSN 2630-0656 (Online)

Volume 12, Number 1 (January - April), 2022

Table of Contents

Research Articles
The relationship of refractive error and glaucoma in a university eye clinic
Watanee Jenchitr and Matee Jaradaroonchay
Adaptive Grey Wolf based on Firefly algorithm technique for optimal reactive power dispatch in unbalanced load conditions
S. K. Mahammad Shareef and R. Srinivasa Rao
Revised adjusted factor for delamination measurement in drilling of composites
Ritesh Bhat, Nanjangud Mohan, and Sathyashankara Sharma
Iridology based diagnosis of kidney abnormalities due to diabetes mellitus
N. Padmasini, J. Aarthi, U. Deepika, and R. Deepshikhaa
Simple coating of zinc powder on foam tape based on a downscaling procedure for nitrate determination in vegetable samples
Narong Kotchabhakdi
Brillouin amplification in compound (AIIIBV and AIIBVI) semiconductors: effects of piezoelectricity, doping and external magnetostatic field
Arun Kumar, Sunita Dahiya, Navneet Singh, and Manjeet Singh
Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) glycan-binding profile analysis based on enzyme-linked lectin assay (ELLA) and storage effect of assay components
Nur Hanina Izzati Khairol Mokhtar, Goh Dirong, and Muhammad Ashraf Shahidan
Design and construction of a non-invasive blood glucose and heart rate meter by photoplethysmography
Preya Anupongongarch, Thawat Kaewgun, Jamie A. O'Reilly, and Swanjit Suraamornkul
Interlaminar shear strength of chemically treated Kevlar/Cucurbitaceae fiber metal laminated hybrid composites
Francis Xavier Joseph, Sudeshkumar Moranahali Ponnusamy, M. P. Natarajan, Jayabalakrishnan Duraivelu, Jayaseelan Veerasundaram, and Ramasamy Nallamuthu
Charcoal and gravel basin lined solar still for brackish water purification
Nsikan Ime Obot, Sulaimon Adekunle Akanbi, Ahmed Abdulyaqub Ajiboye, and Michael Anthony C. Chendo
Health risks associated with pesticide exposure and pesticides handling practices among farmers in Thailand
Yanasinee Suma, Numfon Eaktasang, Nittaya Pasukphun, and Tanika Tingsa
Growth inhibition of Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains by Piper betle Linn. extracts
Watcharacha Krongkeha and Sineewan Pitaktim
Review Articles
Unusual blood clots with low blood platelets from Covid-19 viral vector vaccines
Pantapat Chokpitakkul
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