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Journal of Current Science and Technology

ISSN 2630-0656 (Online)

Volume 11, Number 2 (May - August), 2021

Table of Contents

Notes or Short Communications
Perspective concerning MHC molecules in viral persistence
Tirasak Pasharawipas, Khurawan Kumkrong, and Rungnapa Veeramano
Research Articles
Comparison of ocular parameters and dry eye measurements between Thai male smokers and non-smokers
Nisa Panon, Trinnawat Tongchit, Sasinut Borvonshivabhumi, Putthatida Sudsaweang, Panpilin Pratoomsuwan, Sukree Jehsoh, Sareehah Kade, Somying Phetlor, Jerry E. Vincent, Phatiwat Chotimol, Jullalit Tungtrakanpoung, Pongnugoon Kongjaidee, and Watanee Jenchitr
Polyphenol and antioxidant activities of Kombucha fermented from different teas and fruit juices
Vanida Osiripun and Tarit Apisittiwong
Analysis of optical detection of ultrasound using PDMS thin film
Chayanisa Sukkasem, Suvicha Sasivimolkul, Phitsini Suvarnaphaet, and Suejit Pechprasarn
Design and construction of a sit-to-stand support device for the elderly
Jaroonrut Prinyakupt, Thanakorn Yootho, Phattra Kunsungnoern, Voravasri Vorateera, and Kitima Rongsawad
Optimization of roasting conditions for Thai chili seasoning
Supitchaya Surasereewong, Nichaporn Sukchum , and Kwanhathai Chaethong
Physical and cooking properties of extruded rice spaghetti supplemented with mango peel fibre
Vilai Rungsardthong, Punnapha Namprakob, Sopida Korkerd, and Buddhi Lamsal
Multiconcerns circuit component diagram apply to improve on software development: Empirical study of house bookkeeping mobile software
Meennapa Rukhiran, Paniti Netinant, and Tzilla Elrad
Stress affects daily salivary cortisol profiles
Do Thi Kim Anh, Nattinee Jantaratnotai, Somchai Manopatanakul, and Praewpat Pachimsawat
Underwater environment sensors with visible light communication systems  
Kidsanapong Puntsri, Ekkaphol Khansalee, and Puripong Suttisopapan
Determination of appropriate proportional in-house flexible radiation shielding material using bismuth powder and natural-silicon rubber compounds
Gunjanaporn Tochaikul, Nutthapong Moonkum, Soontaree Sriwongta, Monchuporn Neamchumnan, Aksarapak Thawornnittayakul , and Nuttapong Danthanavat
Determination of the secondary bending stress in cold-formed steel connection
Apai Benchaphong, Rattanasak Hongthong, Sutera Benchanukrom, and Nirut Konkong
Cell-penetrating peptide nanocomplexes enhanced cellular uptake of dsRNA in Sf9 cell line
Narita Thungsatianpun, Rapeepat Mavichak, Nattanan T-Thienprasert, Sasimanas Unajak, and Chomdao Sinthuvanich
Development and evaluation of “Safe, Affordable, Friendly, and Effective” UVC sterilizer for reusing N95 medical masks
Prasita Jakthreemongkol, Peerapong Pornwongthong, Phakkhaphum Lethaisong, Pollawat Jamparuang, Suparuj Lueangarun, and Premjit Juntongjin
Inhibitory activity of protein hydrolysates from rice bran on mushroom tyrosinase
Thaniya Wunnakup, Chaowalit Monton, and Laksana Charoenchai
Preparation and properties of poly(butylene succinate) porous scaffold by fused deposition modeling and salt leaching techniques
Kasidis Teerasuchai, Bussarin Ksapabutr, Manop Panapoy, and Nattawut Chaiyut
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