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Journal of Current Science and Technology

ISSN 2630-0656 (Online)

Volume 10, Number 2 (July - December), 2020

Table of Contents

Editor's Note
JCST 2020: Expect some great changes
Chatchai Trakulrungsi
Research Articles
Application of tamarind kernel polysaccharide-soybean oil emulsion coating to preserve the internal quality and extend shelf-life of fresh eggs
Panitee Suwanamornlert
Comparative analysis of PID and fuzzy logic controller: A case of furnace temperature control
Vaibhav S. Narwane, Balkrishna E. Narkhede, Vijay V. Bhosale, and Prashant Jain
Comparative study of physico-mechanical properties, thermal stability and water absorption of biodegradable films prepared from commercial oxidized and cross-linked cassava starches
Chanakorn Yokesahachart and Supaporn Pajareon
Design and development of a compact and highly efficient small-scale rice mill machine: A case study
Dusit Thangphisityothin, Jiraphong Phongsitong, Uraipan Prangudomsub, Kanlayarat Rattanachitra, Wanlope Ruengdetchaisakun, and Chantana Yuvaniyama
Dual-drugs-loaded polymeric nanoparticles formulation design based on response surface methodology of particle size and zeta potential
Benchawan Chamsai, Praneet Opanasopit, and Wipada Samprasit
Effect of astaxanthin and yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) supplemented in diets on growth performance and resistant against virulence Vibrio parahaemolyticus (Vp AHPND) in sand worms (Perinereis nuntia)
Chompunut Samhuay, Orapint Jintasataporn, and Ruangvit Yoonpundh
Eliminating the static errors of state variables by using real-time cascaded flatness-based control for induction motors
Pham Tam Thanh, Xuan-Kien Dang, and Le Anh-Hoang Ho
In silico and in vitro analysis of the role of cowaxanthone as a histone deacetylase inhibitor and apoptosis inducer in human leukemic T-cells
Sakdiphong Punpai, Audchara Saenkham, Kiattawee Choowongkomon, Sunit Suksamrarn, and Wanlaya Tanechpongtamb
Selection and cultivation conditions of Bacillus thuringiensis L25.1 for poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) production using native rice bran waste as the main nutrient
Wimol Chobchuenchom
A study on thermal efficiency of downdraft gasifier (swirl air type)
Arpakorn Wattana, Pipatpong Watanawanyoo, and Supattana Nirukkanaporn
Synthesis and characterizations of zinc oxide based nanofluids for heat transfer improvement in single tube circular heat exchangers
Waqar Ahmed, Kazi Md Salim Newaz, Zaira Zaman Chowdhury, Muhammad Rafie Bin Johan, Muhammad Mujtaba Abbas, and Manzoore Elahi Muhammad Soudagar
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