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The pace of transformation in the world seems to validate the old adage that “change is the only constant”. In the past year global weather has tended toward extremes in both hot and cold and many regions have been buffeted by an unprecedented number of violent storms. Are these validations of the widely-held theory of global warming or, as a vocal minority suggests, merely reoccurring phenomena? In the realm of governance, are the dramatic political changes in the Middle East a harbinger of more positive futures for the people or are these social movements destined to experience untimely ends? .... Download File


Rangsit Journal of Arts and Sciences. Vol.1 No.2 , July - December 2011.
Table of Contents
Editor's Note
Editor’s Note
Research Articles
Liberal democracy and interstate peace
Alexander Leopold Watts
Community rights: The role of social movements in the community
Utai Parinyasutinun and Sawarin Bendem-ahlee
Comparison of ethanol production from cassava chips by fermentation using five yeast strains
Sasirin Labua, Kumaree Namkang, and Nuttaput Jamrus
Influence of pair breaking effects on the long-range odd triplet superconductivity in a ferromagnet/superconductor bilayer
Thanasit Rachataruangsit and Suthat Yoksan
A performance comparison using principal component analysis and differential evolution on fuzzy c-means and k-harmonic means
Siriporn Supratid and Phichete Julrode
An improved note segmentation and normalization for Query-by-Humming
Nattha Phiwma and Parinya Sanguansat
A novel tensor framework for face hallucination
Kanjana Boonim and Parinya Sanguansat
A new video similarity measurement for sports video classification
Prisana Mutchima and Parinya Sanguansat
Review Articles
Improving the quality of life through a new approach aimed at controlling musculoskeletal disorders at work
Kamiel Vanwonterghem, Pongjan Yoopat, Christophe Maes, and Stefaan Poriau
Serum tumor markers in the diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma
Kawin Leelawat
An alternative to conventional treatments for bacterial infection
Tirasak Pasharawipas