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Refractive errors: the major visual impairment in Thailand.
Watanee Jenchitr and Supaluk Raiyawa
Democracy, organized interests, and rice policy in Thailand
Thanapan Laiprakobsup
Pinworm infections in suburban government schools in Lak Hok subdistrict, Muang Pathum Thani, Thailand
Sirima Kitvatanachai and Pochong Rhongbutsri
Design and development of a compact and highly efficient small-scale rice mill machine: A case study
Dusit Thangphisityothin, Jiraphong Phongsitong, Uraipan Prangudomsub, Kanlayarat Rattanachitra, Wanlope Ruengdetchaisakun, and Chantana Yuvaniyama
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