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Journal of Current Science and Technology

ISSN 2630-0656 (Online)

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Refractive errors: the major visual impairment in Thailand.
Watanee Jenchitr and Supaluk Raiyawa
Incidence and progression of myopia in secondary school students: Follow-up for 2 years
Patchaphicha Yokkumpol and Watanee Jenchitr
Ocular pathology of hyperopic patients in University Eye Clinic
Watanee Jenchitr and Prasert Padungkiatsakul
Comparison of ocular parameters and dry eye measurements between Thai male smokers and non-smokers
Nisa Panon, Trinnawat Tongchit, Sasinut Borvonshivabhumi, Putthatida Sudsaweang, Panpilin Pratoomsuwan, Sukree Jehsoh, Sareehah Kade, Somying Phetlor, Jerry E. Vincent, Phatiwat Chotimol, Jullalit Tungtrakanpoung, Pongnugoon Kongjaidee, and Watanee Jenchitr
The relationship of refractive error and glaucoma in a university eye clinic
Watanee Jenchitr and Matee Jaradaroonchay
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