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Pretreatment study of turmeric rhizomes and optimization of drying methods using microwave oven and hot air oven to obtain high quality of turmeric powder
Laksana Charoenchai, Chaowalit Monton, Chitradee Luprasong, and Krisana Kraisintu
Effect of vegetable oil types on the stability of cannabinoids in cannabis sublingual drops
Jiroj Yangsud, Pongphop Ahkkarachinoreh, Supadit Santasanasuwan, Jirapornchai Suksaeree, Thanapat Songsak, Athip Maha, Fameera Madaka, and Chaowalit Monton
Microwave-assisted extraction of curcuminoids from organic Curcuma longa L. in different oil types for cosmetic purpose: An optimization approach
Xhuxhiwin Kanchanathawornviboon, Chaowalit Monton, and Hathairat Urairong
Evaluation of the interaction of phenolic compounds contained in the Trisamo recipe using simplex lattice design
Jirapornchai Suksaeree and Chaowalit Monton
Inhibitory activity of protein hydrolysates from rice bran on mushroom tyrosinase
Thaniya Wunnakup, Chaowalit Monton, and Laksana Charoenchai
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