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Journal of Current Science and Technology

ISSN 2630-0656 (Online)

Peer-review Process

          JCST assumes responsibility for insuring that submitted manuscripts receive expert and unbiased reviews. JCST strives to complete a peer review of all submitted papers and the publication of accepted manuscripts in a timely manner and to keep the authors informed of any problems with their manuscript. All submitted manuscripts are initially evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief in consultation with members of the Editorial Board before being sent for double-blind review. JCST is under no obligation to submit every manuscript to formal peer review. Manuscripts that are judged by the editors to be inferior or inappropriate for publication in the Journal may, at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief, be rejected without formal written reviews by referees. JCST attempts to obtain at least two written reviews for each manuscript that is entered into the peer review process, although the Editor-in-Chief has the discretion to make final decisions about the disposition of a manuscript with fewer than two reviews. The reviewers’ evaluations will be used by the editors to decide whether the paper should be accepted, revised or rejected. A copy of the referees’ comments will be sent to the corresponding authors whose paper needs revision. All reviewers serve anonymously and their identities are protected by the confidentiality policy of JCST.

          All manuscripts submitted to JCST are double-blinded peer-reviewed by at least 2 reviewers. After the technical review process, a manuscript may be: 1) accepted without change, 2) recommended for modification and further review, or 3) rejected. For more detail see the Algorithm of the JCST’s Review & Publishing Process.

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